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Rowland Media Productions is a full-service production house. That means, from first enquiry to final delivery, every step of the production process is handled by us. We guide you, step by step, through the maze of production development, offering advice when it’s needed – from creative to practical solutions – but always recognizing that, at the end of the day, it’s your project, and the finished product has to be what you want.

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As much, or as little, as you want – we offer every imaginable service, to bring your project to fruition. Full-service production means:

  • Planning – working with you to set targets, determine what’s required to reach them, and provide you with an honest assessment of what’s possible.
  • Budgeting – the bottom-line in any production. We’ll work with you to set achievable goals, without wasting a cent.
  • Scripting – detailed briefings with an experienced industry scriptwriter, to develop ideas (or build a script on your ideas), and provide a detailed shooting-script. (We recognize the importance of getting the script right…so we’ll commit to as many drafts as are required to get it right!)
  • Shooting – this is where the rubber hits the road, as we bring in the best camera and production crews available (commensurate with your budget) to convert ‘words on a page’ into the raw material that will become your program. From a simple conference shoot or CEO presentation, to a full-scale multi-cam location shoot, we’ve got it covered.
  • Editing – the most magical part of any production, as words, images and music come together, again utilizing state-of-the-art technology, driven by some of the industry’s most skilled and creative artists.
  • Audio post-production – the critical final phase of any production, in which the final touches are added to bring your production to life.
  • Publishing – in any format you require, for any platform you can imagine. From a basic DVD format for general hard-copy distribution to a range of digital formats for broadcast or web upload. Closed-captioning or subtitling on DVD content is a service which we also offer; translation services are also available on request. And if you plan to make DVD hard-copies, we can advise on packaging, labeling, slicks and multiple-copy duplication.
  • Technical – Rowland Media Productions has a full complement of equipment to cover most productions, including high-definition cameras, comprehensive sound kit and lighting. We have a range of high-end professional editing and graphics composition software to ensure the highest possible production values. Our larger productions are also mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

Our people have years of experience making quality television programs in Australia and internationally. We can prepare and master your content for:

  • Broadcast television (free-to-air or pay TV)
  • Online (internet or intranet)
  • DVD or high-definition Blu-ray

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Think big – work small
Rowland Media Productions runs on a small core team, which is augmented as required on a job-by-job basis. We draw on a large pool of freelance professionals with long track records in the industry; many of them have developed ongoing relationships with us, so they know how we think, and understand our uncompromising demand for the highest quality. What does this mean for you? You’ll be dealing with an extremely efficient and cost-effective organization, that delivers top-quality products coupled with remarkable value-for-money.

Understand the sector
As a small, efficient team, Rowland Media Productions knows all too well the importance of getting to know the client, understanding their territory, and having a strong commitment to the success of each project. By growing only as and when required, our overheads are lower, and those savings are passed on to you, the client. Costs for individual productions are radically reduced when compared to outsourcing to larger commercial production-houses. Rowland Media Productions offer you fast, efficient, professional and cost-effective service, from a tight-knit, friendly crew. You won’t find yourself paying for stylish office suites and a small army of staff.


Many production houses can claim some of the following…but how many can claim all of them?

  • We understand the not-for-profit sector, having produced film and video projects for many NGOs over a decade.
  • We work small, but can ‘get big quickly’, with a wide network of affiliated professionals.
  • All our people are highly-skilled industry professionals, with long-established track records in recognised professions.
  • These professionals are multi-skilled; all areas of each project are overseen by experts who are competent in all fields of production, not just one narrowly-defined discipline. The benefit to you: costs are minimised as we ‘work lean’, avoiding multi-handling and delays in transferring your project from one level of production to the next.
  • Our client base is situated all over Australia; we shoot all over the world.
  • Interstate clients usually don’t pay any more, just because we are based in Melbourne.
  • We are, and remain, abreast with the latest technology, production and media trends.
  • We can deliver on almost every format, from iPad to broadcast.
  • We offer a complete production service, from go-to-whoa, from concept to ‘showtime’.


  • Rowland Media Productions offers much more than you’d expect from a sole operator. You don’t get someone who has experience in just one or two areas of production; you get a seasoned veteran of the industry with extensive experience in all facets of production.
  • The Rowland Media Productions team is built around the same industry-wide experience; our people all know the business inside-out, working collaboratively to ensure that you get the best product possible.
  • Rowland Media Productions ‘works lean’: savings are passed on to the client, so the cost of production appears where it should – on the screen – rather than funding cumbersome overheads such as impressive offices and staff numbers.
  • When you work with Rowland Media Productions, you work with John Rowland and his team – not someone you don’t know. Many industry professionals may be involved along the way, but there’s never a moment when you’re not keenly aware of John Rowland’s experienced, guiding hand on the helm.
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